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Welcome! Here you are able to find WinMX downloads, patch downloads, protocol information, patch information, and much much more. Our main purpose is to provide the population with all kinds of information on WinMX. How the network works, how WinMX started, how it's doing now and pretty much everything else. Also for a place to download WinMX.

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So what is WinMX and why do I want it?:

WinMX is a Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing program that operates on the WPNP network. It is full of millions of files and tons of users, so you will always find what you want. Download files up to 2GB in size, and super fast!

What do I get from WinMX?

- Fully Decentralized Network
- No Fake Files
- Thousands of Chat room and the ability to host your own
- Search through thousands of users for the files you want
- No limit to how fast your downloads can go. (Unlike Limewire)
- Easily organize your library of what to share and what not to share
- Much more!

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PHP Encryption Class Released. (9/16/2009)
The official encryption class for the PHP language has been released, along with a few example scripts to show how to use them. Click here for more information.

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